Completati spatiile libere cu un singur cuvant care se potriveste in context. Retineti ca ‘don’t’, can’t’, ‘’didn’t’, etc. sunt considerate un singur cuvant. Va rugam sa completati punctele 1-60 in 45 de minute iar testul de WRITING in alte 15 minute.
Acest test este relevant daca respectati timpul alocat si nu folositi materiale ajutatoare.

1. A: Are you Mr Brown?
B: Yes, I am .

2. She didn’t go to the concert because she felt ill.

Nume si Prenume
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1) A: Is this the right place for bus nr. 100?
B: Yes, it _________.
2) John is _________ Hungary. He is Hungarian
3) A: Do you smoke?
B: No, I _________.
4) A: Where do you ___________ from?
B: Italy.
5) A: _______ does he work?
B: In a hospital.
6) Is ______________ a coffee shop in this area?
7) I __________ studying for an important exam at the moment.
8) I’m sorry, I ________ speak English very well. I didn’t study in school.
9) _________ you speak to your manager yesterday? He was looking for you.
10) A: When _________ he phone?
B: Yesterday at around three.
11) They _________ visit us tomorrow morning.
12) How ___________ money did you pay for your new car?
13) It’s hotter today _________ yesterday.
14) A: How _________ do they go swimming?
B: Three times a week.
15) John didn’t go to school on Monday ___________ he was ill.
16) A: ________ sent the first e-mail?
B: My brother.
17) I’m sorry but there aren’t ___________ messages for you.
18) A: I tried to call James but he didn’t answer.
B: I think you ___________ try again later. He may be busy
19) They ___________ listening to music when I came home.
20) A: Can you finish your work by three?
B: I’ll _____________ my best.
21) A: I’m afraid he’s not in at the moment.
B: Could I ________ a message?
22) I ___________finished the report yet. I need a couple of more hours.
23) Have you __________ been to Prague?
24) Long time, no ________. You haven’t changed a bit!
25) A: ___________ you like a drink?
B: Thank you. You’re very kind!
26) A: Can I have extension 315?
B: I’ll just _________ you through
27) There has been a visible improvement in the exchange _________ against the dollar.
28) We ___________ spend less time travelling, if we worked from home.
29) This is a non-smoking area. Would you mind not ___________ here, please?
30) A: How long have you been ___________ the guitar?
B: About 30 minutes and I think I’m making progress.
31) A: _________’s he like?
B: He is a nice man.
32) I know you expected my answer on Friday. I’m sorry for the ________ in getting back to you.
33) I can’t put ___________ with his nasty behavior anymore!
34) It has _________ agreed that the prototype will be tested next month.
35) The price was exorbitant: 1000 Euro! What a complete ________ of money.
36) He told me that he ________ see her the following week.
37) Ikea, ___________ recently entered the Russian market, surpassed all sales expectations.
38) If he __________ been so lazy, he could have become a great scholar!
39) She is so shy that she ________ ever speaks.
40) They ____________ have spent so much time on that report!
41) I tried to call you last night but I couldn’t get ___________ to you.
42) One hundred years from now, man _____________ have colonized the outer space.
43) He ___________ has never learnt to listen cannot be a good communicator.
44) I get along extremely well with my boss; we are on the same ___________.
45) I don’t have the organizers’ contact details. How can I get _______ of them?
46) The amount of red __________ was so time consuming that we decided to give up the whole project.
47) I suggested George _____________ speak louder when delivering presentations.
48) Despite the storm, at no time _____________ the passengers of the ship in any danger.
49) No matter what retention measures the government takes, emigration is still on the ______.
50) A:D’you think this will do for you?
B: I’m sure I can ________ it do.
51) She tried to convince me ___________ lying for her, but I stuck firmly to my own principles.
52) Fashion used to be confined to strict rules; these days, however, almost anything ______.
53) All his far-____________ statements made him look rather deceptive.
54) I wish you __________ behaved so harshly with that poor little child.
55) Men and women are often considered to be completely at ________ with each other.
56) After struggling with the exercise for several hours, he was finally able to ________ it down.
57) He tiptoed into the room ________ his girlfriend should wake up and get crossed with him.
58) Only on very rare occasions _________ the young lady accept a furtive kiss on her cheek.
59) I’ve been so busy lately that I often find myself at night __________ off in front of the TV.
60) After being robbed, the travelers were totally at a loss ______ that they were left without a penny.
61) Va rugam sa scrieti cateva propozitii (10-20) despre dumneavoastra: educatie, loc de munca, familie, hobby-uri, prieteni dragi si alte lucruri care credeti ca va definesc.